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Blog Tour: Forever Changed (Mystic Wolves #4) by Belinda Boring

Forever Changed  (Mystic Wolves, #4)Forever Changed by Belinda Boring
My rating: ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

Waking up after an amazing night with her new husband and mate, nothing could've prepared Darcy for the epic bombshell Devlin dropped—explaining her heritage and revealing truths that completely blow her mind. When all she wants is to settle into marital bliss and Pack life, Darcy's world is once again thrown into turmoil, forced to face a challenge that may very well break her and Mason.

Not one to sit back and watch the one he loves more than life itself in danger, Mason immediately formulates a plan of action—taking a small group of trusted friends across the United States in the hot pursuit of answers. Time is running out, though. With each attempt to control Darcy's wild magic thwarted, and the dark presence of evil dogging their every move, they will be left with no other choice but to make a stand—fight or risk losing everything they cherish most.

Decisions will be made. Love will be pushed to the breaking point. Mason and Darcy face their greatest challenge to date, one that will leave them ... FOREVER CHANGED?


I have loved this series from the first book The Mystic Wolves. I adore the characters. This was another great addition to the story. Belinda is going to kill me with her cliff hangers one of these days.. The first three books have cliff hangers from hell, This book is no different. If anything it's worse.. Lol. But I kinda love Belinda for it at the same time as hating her.. ;)

This book gave us some important answers we were left hanging over in the previous book. I honestly thought she could drop a bigger bomb than that cliffhanger she left us with in Testing Fate Obviously it left us with some questions too. I am a huge Devlin fan and he had a couple of moments in here where I fell for him more. 
"Are we dancing, wolf?" Devlin jabbed. "Should we have Darcy get you a dress?" 
I can't wait until we get a book for him. He is going to be so entertaining.

I haven't been huge Mason fan but he is just a sweetheart, you can't dislike him. I totally get why people call Ms Boring the Queen of Swoon. He's super swoonworthy.

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