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Bleeding Perseverance by Rico Lamoureux

Bleeding PerseveranceBleeding Perseverance by Rico Lamoureux
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    Every heart has to find its own truth in life. Its own path to love. Sometimes these journeys can test one’s spirit to a near breaking point. But for those who endure, what they find on the other side of perseverance can make it all worthwhile.

Tobias and Karida each had a hidden secret close to their heart. One, out of a need to protect, the other, to be free. With the core of these two secrets one in the same, fate brings their two different worlds together in this dramatic story of hope, inner strength, and true love
* I received an ARC in return for an honest review. *

WOW. Bleeding Perseverance was such a thought provoking read. It's a short read but extremely enthralling. I didn't want to put it down to pick my kids up from school, It was very tempting to just keep reading and be damned with the consequences. No doubt earning "Worst Mother of the Year Award"... But I have only just gotten rid of that award, so I had to put it down. ;)

Tobias and Karida are both very strong and mature for their young ages. They have both been through terrible things in their lives. They have seen what evil is in the world with open eyes. I shouldn't be surprised with their strength. They are both admirable characters.

I am concerned that some readers will be disturbed by the underage sex that this book contains and use it against the author as a negative. I personally didn't feel it was underage as I am from England and the legal age for sexual relations is 16 there. but I know America is 18 and have seen other books receive unfair reviews for containing sex between characters that are under 18.

This book was written so well it deserves to be judged fairly. It brought to light all the terrible things that happen around in other countries, that we don't always get to see. And for that I would give it 6 stars if it was allowed. I'd like to thank Mr Lamoureux for sharing this story with the world.

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