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Storm Shells (The Wishes Series #3) by GJ Walker-Smith

Storm Shells  (The Wishes Series, #3)Storm Shells by G.J. Walker-Smith
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I was so lucky to receive an ARC of this beautiful book.

GJ Walker -Smith is the bomb. Storm Shells was everything I could have wished for and more. It's taken me a good 15 hours after finishing to be able to even contemplate a review that will do it justice. I still don't know how I will do that.

"The only way to move forward was to go back to the very beginning….
After three miserable weeks without Charli, Adam makes the decision to follow her, desperately hoping to find a way of following through on his promise of a happy ending.
He finds her back in Pipers Cove, healing her broken heart by spending time with the one person who never lets her down.
Both know nothing has changed. They're desperately in love, hopelessly stuck in limbo, and unable to find common ground.
When fate offers them a chance at a different kind of ending, it’s a one-shot deal. Running with it means changing their plans – something neither of them has ever been willing to do before, even for each other.
Just as one begins to find their way, the other completely loses direction – and neither of them realise that time is running out."

Second Hearts left us with Charli and Adam in different countries and no HEA in sight. Storm Shells picks up where we were left off. We get a nice flash back to Charli's childhood years, where we get to see who she gets her fairy stories and saving wishes ideas from. We get to see the relationship between Alex and Charli and know what we know about their relationship now made it all the more sweeter.

I loved everything about this book, I laughed out loud so many many times I lost count. GJ also made me cry quite a few times too.
Charli was he wonderful self, I love all her fairy stories. I am left wishing I was brought up with those. I'd love to live in La La Land.
Adam, where do I start with Adam. I yoyo'd between wanting to punch him when he was being a super duper ass, and wanting to kiss him when he was being wonderful.

I was so happy to get to spend a little time with Ryan, there has always been something about Ryan that captures a piece if my heart, maybe it's just because I can see he needs someone's heart. I'm secretly hoping we will eventually get a Ryan book. Pretty please GJ, with a cherry on the top.

Now my favourite man in the world, Alex. I just love Alex, he's sweet, funny and wise... And oh so yummy. He's only 8years older then me so there is nothing wrong with me falling for the father of the heroine. Lol.. He made me laugh so much throughout this book, the bogan golf.. See I said he was wise, who else would come up with something like that?
He also squeezed my heart with his words.

GJ Walker-smith deserves a big award for this beautiful story, she is an amazing writer. I opened the first page and couldn't put it down until I had finished and then I wanted to start it all over again. I totally Los all chances of winning the mother of the year award because I totally ignored my kids for the day.. Hey they got fed, that has to get me something right?

Everyone needs to but this book. I can't wait to get my hands on a paperback copy. I'm looking forward to reading more from GJ, especially Alex's story that I know she is working on..

I'll leave you with my favourite quote from the Storm Shells.. After telling you one more time, to buy this book as soon as it's released on November 25.

“I’ve jumped out of a tall tree this time, Alex,” I muttered.

He finally smiled, though it had a rueful tinge. “I’m standing at the bottom of it, Charli. You’ll be fine.”

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