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Shadows of the Past (Others of Edenton #2) by Brandy L. Rivers

Shadows of the Past (Others of Edenton, #2)Shadows of the Past by Brandy L. Rivers
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

* I received an ARC from the author for an honest review *

"Haunted by memories of her past, Amethyst Lakes left her home to come to Edenton. She was ready to start a new life on her own after being stalked relentlessly. 
 Hayden Hunter is too busy being Sheriff to take interest in a woman. 
 That is until his officer drags Amethyst into his life. For the first time he wants to protect and claim. 
 There’s instant attraction between the two, but Amethyst isn’t ready for anyone since she found out her ex killed himself after she sent him away for good. 
 Preston has always protected Amethyst, and when he finds out something of legend and nightmares is coming for her, he’ll do everything he can to keep her safe. 
 Amethyst is either the catalyst to bring nightmares fully into this realm, or the one to end them. Can she find the power to stop the darkness, or will she wind up its prey?
 Pretty little nymph, suspicious but sexy earth fae, cocky mage, and a nightmare of old."

I was super excited for this book to be released because I loved the previous Edenton books, #1 In Too Deep , #0.5 New Beginnings, #1.5 Shadows Fall. Brandt's characters are so lovable, I just wish I lived in Edenton with them all.

Shadows of the Past was Amethyst's story, it carries on from book #1 and book #1.5. I really liked Amethyst she was a caring soul who doesn't like what her far powers can do.
Hayden the suspicious Sheriff we met in previous books has a larger role in this book, I loved seeing more of him, I wish we got to see more of what his Earth Fae powers can do. Hopefully we can see that somewhere in future books.
We saw a lot more of Preston then I was expecting. You could say his life oath changes in the book, I can't wait to see what instore for him in the future.
Now the Robert, Liz and Tremaine triangle is intriguing... Ms Rivers give me more!

The storyline flowed really well and like I said earlier I just adore all these characters. I can't wait to pick up the next book that Brandy gives us.

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