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10 Nights by Michelle Hughes & Karl Jones

10 Nights10 Nights by Michelle Hughes
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

"After graduation, twenty-four-year-old Leah was determined that no man would destroy her plans for the future. Or so she thought. Her best laid plans and well-ordered life were turned head over heels after her best friend, Janie, invited her to a “coming-out” party.

One look at Rhett and all previous thoughts went straight to hell. He made an unbelievable offer to her: “Give me 10 nights and I’ll show you pleasure beyond your wildest dreams.”

Was this an invitation to paradise or would his request destroy her mind, body and soul?

From virgin to courtesan in 10 nights? Was Leah even willing to consider it?

In a game of cat and mouse in which 10 nights, 10 choices and 10 fantasies could change everything, who would declare victory?"

To be totally honest, I'm not sure where to start with this review, I have so much going round my head.

                                       ***********     SPOILER     ***********

Ok well in the synopsis the author compares the book to another BDSM labelled book that has been talked about so much lately, yes you know what book I'm talking about but just incase you have been living on another planet for the last couple of months I will name the book so you can google it, 'Fifty Shades of Grey' I understand why they (the authors) brought the comparison up, to get the huge 50 shades fan base to take notice and buy their book, but in my option it was a bad move. There are a lot of scenes in 10 NIGHTS that are very similar to the scenes in fifty shades, the elevator kiss, the tie's use in the first sex scene, him buying here a phone, not liking the safety of the old truck she drove so he gave her a car.... honestly the list goes on.

Saying all that I did enjoy the book and kept reading it until the end.

I didn't find the ending believable though because no-one would propose after knowing someone less than a fortnight. If the ten nights where strap he'd over time like one night a week and then they also had normal time together than it could happen but not after 10 consecutive nights.

I had the same love one minute hate the next, feeling towards Rhett that a lot of other readers have mentioned in the reviews I had read before picking the book up.

I think it was a bit of a high price considering there were so many typo's, I know you can't get every typo out. Even some of the best authors with huge publishing companies and a vigorous editing process still get the odd wrong letter here and there. But this had words missing altogether and I found myself reading the sentence afew times to figure out what word must be missing. There where also the typical typos like the characters name was Leak in one sentence instead of Leah. There were a lot of these throughout the book and I think if they are charging people $5.99 for an eBook it needed to go through a better editing process. To get rid of those typos as I only read through the book once and they were very obvious, so an editor should easily pick them up.

I enjoyed the characters a lot that's why I gave it 3 stars, I really connected with Leah and felt for her. Like I said above I had a love hate thing going on for Rhett. I would loved to of seen more of Janie and David, they really had me intruiged. It also has me thinking about piercings.. Lol.

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