Saturday, 28 August 2010

Dragonfly in Amber by Diana Gabaldon

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Dragonfly in Amber is the sequel to Outlander (Cross stitch, UK), and begins in 1968, twenty-one years after we left Claire and Jamie recovering in the French Abbey, pondering their decision to try and stop Bonnie Prince Charlie from starting a war which they know will decimate the Highland Clans.

At first, it is such a shock to be twenty years further on from where u left it, you think you've picked up the wrong book.I checked online in a panic to find that this is in fact the sequel.

Once I picked the book up again, all does become clear was you get over the heart wrenching fact that Claire and Jamie have been separated for twenty years. 

Claire is back in Scotland for the first time since returning to her own time, pregnant and disorientated. Her husband, Frank Randall, has died, and she is keeping a promise to herself to tell her daughter Brianna about her real father. She goes back to the Reverend Wakefield's house to find his adopted son, Roger, in residence after the Reverends death. Roger, too, must hear her story, for reasons she does not reveal until the end. And so, as she tells her story, we learn what happened after the events in Outlander and how she came to return to Frank, and what happened to Jamie. The narrative switches from Roger's 3rd person narrative to Claire's 1st Person narrative. I still can't decide whether I'm a fan of this or not. I found myself at times wanting to skip ahead to either find out what Roger has found or to hear from Claire what happened.

I must admit I found myself flicking through the book to see if she goes back to Jamie's time. It just made me so sad,to read the what Claire thought happen to Jamie and then to read the what Roger believed happened. I was practically screaming at Roger to tell Claire what he thought just so she would go back and find out.
I cried a lot during this book, so if u are planning on reading it whilst out in public or even going out after reading it, be warned you may get puffy eyes.

Diana Gabaldon books are long books, But she tells a great story, the historical facts are extremely well-researched. I just love this series and once finished this installment couldn't wait to start Voyager (book 3)

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