Tuesday, 5 January 2010

A sad farewell to David Tennent

I have just watched Doctor Who - The End of Time, parts 1 and 2; in which we say a sad farewell to David Tennent who plays 'The Doctor' for the last time. This is an brilliant two part special in which we get to see all our favourite charactors; Captain Jack Harkness, Donna Noble, Wilfred Mott (Donna's grandfather), Rose Tyler, Jackie Tyler, Sarah Jane, Luke (Sarah Jane's son), Micky, and Martha Jones.

I cry at everything, so obviously I balled my eyes out watching the second part.

I have loved David as 'The Doctor' I would say he is my favourite, upto now. When we said goodbye to Christopher Eccleston I was very dissappointed I would never of believed David would have be as good. But In my opinion he was better, which is amazing because I loved Christopher Eccleston at the time of him leavng too.

So we now say "Hello" to the Eleventh Doctor, Matt Smith. I was worried when I saw photo's of him as I thought he (no offence to Matt intended) looked to geeky for 'The Doctor'. In fact I have been dreading this next series. But having seen his entering scene and the following trailer for the fifth series; I believe he will do a great job. He seems to have the same quirkiness David did, especially with what looks like Matt's catchphrase "Geronimo".

I can't wait for this next season to air.

 Farewell David Tennent, Hopefully you have enjoyed being 'The Tenth Doctor' as much as we have enjoyed you being him. Good luck in whatever you plan to do in the future, I'm sure your fans, me included can't wait to see you again.

Good Luck Matt Smith, Enjoy being The Eleventh Doctor.

Aim'z xoxo

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