Monday, 28 December 2009

My first post.

Well, I did it; I got a blog. I kinda feel like a sheep, my friends have all got blogs and now I have followed the flock. But hey sheep are cute, baaaaaa.

I intend this blog to just be everyday babbling, because I love to babble and express my opinion, on just about everything. So I'll apologize now for boring anyone to death. I'll be talking about books, Tv shows and movies I love mainly, but who knows I am known to stray....

I love, love, love True Blood. I am sooo Team Eric, who wouldn't want their men "striking, viking and vampire"? Charlaine Harris' books that True Blood is based on are all fantastic and I would recommend them to anyone who likes to read. If your anything like me you won't be able to put them down! I am eagerly awaiting the next book "Dead in the family" which is available May 2010.

I'll keep this first post short and sweet, I wouldn't want to scare you off from visiting again. :)

Aim'z xoxo

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HungryVampire said...

Wowzer!!! I love it!! Very nice job!!! Am I first post???